Mobile IDs are the Future, College Campuses Can Implement Them Now

Campus ID

Mobile IDs are the Future, College Campuses Can Implement Them Now

Campus ID

Mobile IDs are the Future, College Campuses Can Implement Them Now

Campus ID

Author: Rasheed Behrooznia, VP, Campus ID Solutions 

Now trending: digital driver's licenses.

More and more states are beginning to allow digital versions of driver's licenses to be added to mobile wallets. Their convenience is the primary reason for states to rely on the innovative technology.

As demand for digital driver's licenses continues to grow, college campuses are seeing similar demands with student IDs.

Mobile student IDs allow access to doors, entry to events, act as a form of payment at vending machines and dining halls, and more, all from their smartphones and wearable devices.

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Mobile IDs Provide Flexibility

The average college student is rarely found without their cell phone nearby. It's carried and used in all of the places a traditional student ID would be needed:

  • Dorms
  • Libraries
  • Bookstores
  • Classes
  • Dining halls
  • And more

Mobile IDs allow students to use the device that's already in their hand - it makes things accessible and convenient and is one of the many reasons campuses are gravitating towards mobile student IDs.

With mobile IDs, students no longer have to carry a traditional, physical copy. They simply flash or scan their phones and are greeted with the same functionality as a traditional plastic card. 

And because administrators shouldn't be left out, mobile IDs are highly configurable and personalized to meet your campus goals. There's the ability to pick and choose the specific capabilities and third-party vendor relationships you'd like your campus ID solution to support.

Safety and Campus Security are Improved with Mobile IDs

Recently, nearly 73% of college presidents identified mental health as a pressing issue on campuses. It's brought on an increasingly large demand for campus counseling services and while they are doing what they can to help, there's been a push on the national level for more accessible, immediate safety measures.

Mobile IDs offer this with the help of emergency hotline capabilities. The implementation of emergency hotline contact capability from a mobile device is a small yet potentially life-saving way to support today's students and strengthen campus security.

While this update does not eliminate the need for on-campus counseling services, it can help bridge the gap to get students safely into the offices of counselors.

The option of customizing student IDs to include national, state, local and/or school-specific hotline information is also offered. At Transact, student safety is a top priority in the development of all our campus solutions and will be useful considering many states are moving to require this information on student ID cards.

Additionally, mobile wallets provide the opportunity to send updates, like the emergency hotline capabilities, to mobile IDs with a quick system update. When working with traditional IDs, reprinting new cards for each student would be required.

Mobile IDs can also serve as an important tool for improving campus security. Because the IDs are on students' phones, the ability for unauthorized personnel to use lost or stolen cards to access buildings, use campus cash, or attend campus events dramatically (almost entirely) decreases.

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Mobile IDs Save Time, Money, and the Environment

Because student IDs are essential for completing basic tasks on campus - checking out a book in the library, entering dorms, and grabbing a meal from the dining hall - when a student loses them, reprinting is necessary.

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This takes away time from the student and the staff in charge of printing and can be costly for students and/or the university. With mobile wallets, they'll always have access to their student ID.

Not to mention, the distribution of thousands of IDs at the beginning of each school year is also time-consuming and costly for campus administration. Mobile wallets eliminate the need for plastic and printing and offer an environmentally friendly option.

See the Benefits of Mobile IDs in Action

Recently, the University of New Brunswick's Fredericton campus became the first Canadian university to implement a mobile campus ID solution.

The addition of mobile credential solutions and smartphone wallet capabilities are allowing UNB Fredericton students to place their enabled device near a reader to enter residences, computer labs, and fitness centers; they can buy lunch, make purchases at campus stores, pay for laundry, or borrow a library book without reaching for any kind of card.

Campus administrators at UNB said the adoption of this technology supports the school's commitment to innovation, environmental sustainability, and student engagement.

UNB joins some of the more popular U.S. schools, such as the University of Alabama and Duke University, in adopting innovative student ID software.

Partner with Transact to Bring Mobile IDs to Your Campus

Mobile IDs are bringing flexibility, convenience, safety, and efficiency to college campuses. The implementation of this technology provides the same (and more) functionality to students while replacing traditional ID cards. It's an environmentally friendly option that caters to both students and administrators.

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Transact has helped colleges and universities around the U.S. and internationally implement mobile campus IDs for their students, faculty, and staff.

Like you, the student experience is our top priority. We build our solutions to enable secure, mobile-centric campus environments and effortless, campus-wide transactions and access privileges.

Over 100 clients are live or signed up to go live with Transact Mobile Credential, and we believe your campus could greatly benefit from our campus ID solutions! Visit our website to learn how!

As Vice President for Campus ID Solutions, Rasheed Behrooznia drives the vision, strategy, and execution for the company's suite of Campus ID solutions that enable secure, mobile-centric campus environments and effortless, campus-wide transactions and access privileges. Most recently, he served as Transact's global head of campus ID solutions, leading the company's development of SaaS solutions, mobile credential, and many other solutions that span the campus ecosystem.