Improving the Student Experience with Contactless Payments


Improving the Student Experience with Contactless Payments


Improving the Student Experience with Contactless Payments


A recent study found that between the years 2021 and 2025, Millennials and Gen Zs will account for 4 million of the total 6.5 million new mobile wallet users.

The added security, flexibility, and ease of use of mobile wallets are among the popular reasons students prefer this form of payment. This trend is being amplified with the help of contactless payments, which provide each of these benefits and more. In fact, 69% of retailers in the United States now accept contactless payments.


College campuses are no different. Educational leaders are beginning to realize this trend is soaring through their student population.

Whether it's in the business office, cafeteria, or spirit shop, keeping up with the latest payment trends is essential for the upkeep of the student experience on college campuses.

Here's more on contactless payments and why they are taking over and improving the student experience on campuses across the country.

Contactless Payments are Driving Innovation in the Industry

Contactless payments completely eliminate the need to touch a card reader, pin pad, and cashier.

Phones and watches (with mobile wallets) that are connected to bank accounts or credit cards can be used for contactless payments.

When it's time to pay, all a student has to do is hold a card, phone or watch that is equipped with near field communications (NFC) technology near a compatible card reader. As radio waves are transmitted, the card reader will pick up and complete the transaction.

When the pandemic sparked the need for safer payment options, contactless payments began to gain traction. It offered healthier, safer, transactions for merchants and consumers.

However, the ease of use, flexibility, and convenience have quickly become reasons for contactless payments to become a soon-to-be-leading method of payment, especially on college campuses. Card Service Manager, Jessica Buffington at the University of North Georgia, said “Students love Mobile Ordering! It's new technology that increases the speed of service by placing their order next in queue…they just eat it up and keep the campus in the right direction in terms of innovation.”

The growing popularity of mobile wallets among students and retailers is predicted to continue. For educational leaders, the benefits of this technology are strong enough to continue shaping the methods of how students make payments on campus.

Benefits of Contactless Payments on College Campuses

As you can imagine, the desire for contactless payments spiked during the pandemic. It brought a safer, healthier way to manage transactions, something college campuses desperately needed.

However, in a campus environment, there are other benefits - asides from safety - of contactless payments that go unnoticed. When tapped into, these benefits work together to improve the overall student experience.

Simplicity, Accessibility, and Flexibility

College students make up one of the largest groups of online and mobile shoppers, so it's no surprise they expect the same flexibility on campus.

With contactless payments, transactions are quick and easy. There's no:

  • Passing of cash
  • Swiping of cards
  • Inputting pins

All students are required to do is tap or hover their enabled cards, phones, or watches near the card reader.

Considering most students are rarely found without their phones nearby, making payments is much more accessible. There's no need to carry a traditional wallet - which means forgetting it is no longer an issue.


Before implementing contactless payments through Transacts Campus ID Solutions, Dr. David Surratt, Ph.D, the V.P. for Student Affairs and Dean of Students at the University of Oklahoma, said that “having easy solutions for our students to actually access services is really important on campus, especially anything that's innovative, safe, and secure for them is really important for us.”

Like Dr. Surratt, Ph.D, many educational leaders have questions surrounding contactless payments and their security because student safety is a top priority. However, transactions with this method are actually much more secure than traditional methods.

The chip technology helps to protect against fraudulent transactions. This is because students are not physically swiping their cards. When students have to swipe their card, there is a magnetic strip inside that holds a ton of information, making a hacker's job easy. Contactless payments avoid the swipe and also avoid the transferring of information.

Also, as we've mentioned, there is no need for students to type in a pin with contactless payments. Instead, an individual security code is generated for each transaction. This process makes it much more difficult to be hacked than other forms of payment because each code is unique to its transaction.

Eliminates the Need for Cash

Speaking of trends, only 16% of consumers say they still carry physical cash and 58% say they plan to stop carrying it altogether. Cash can be hard to manage, and with the ease of mobile banking, leaving cash at home is an easier option - especially for college students on the go. Contactless payment options eliminate the need to carry cash altogether and serve as a great alternative for cash payments.

Campus employees will also benefit from fewer cash transactions with less back-end work. You no longer have to take the cash, make change, and ensure the transaction is recorded.

This improves the efficiency of the business office, in particular, in that it reduces time spent processing payments and correcting errors. In fact, after implementation, the University of North Georgia, increased the speed of service by 10-15 seconds per transaction and increased sales by 15%.

Integrate Contactless Payments on Your Campus with Transact

As contactless payments become more and more common for their various benefits, it's essential your campus keeps up with the growing demand.

At Transact, we aim to help you improve the student experience, and bringing contactless payments to your campus is one of many ways to do that. It communicates with your students that you hear their needs and are willing to make their time spent on your campus as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

"It (contactless payments) communicates with your students that you hear their needs and are willing to make their time spent on your campus as seamless and enjoyable as possible."

In addition to incorporating contactless payments, our goal is to function as a one-stop-shop for bringing simplicity, clarity, and accessibility to your campus. We do this with the help of our integrated payment solutions, campus ID solutions, and campus commerce solutions.

Visit our website to learn more about what we can do to improve the student experience on your campus!